The home side resisted for a time, before falling in the recovery of the first half, when Fortounis carries guests with a shot into the bottom corner.

I know how much he kept playing the World Cup, but has to be happy for the affection that was shown. He’ll be back stronger than before “since yesterday. From our correspondent Andrea Elephant

January 7, 2019 – Milan “On the case of the Super Cup in Jeddah is the triumph of hypocrisy on the part of so many people.” This is the opinion of the CONI president Giovanni Malago the microphones of “Radio sport too,” recalling that “the best offer was the one of Saudi Arabia and that the notice was judged in July 2018. The problem arose with the story of the tickets, the woman that could not go to the stadium we can now go in certain areas.

Then of course everything that happens in Saudi not I disagree and to criticize, but we have governments that make agreements with this country, with which we trade. “- He adds:” With the national football team after non-participation in Russia in 2018, we are hoping to go play the World Cup in Qatar, whose laws are significantly worse than those of Saudi Arabia. So if you want to, you take a clear line, strong, who do not agree, but in any case – said the number one Italian sport – all this can not be done when the horse has bolted. “Reform -” The dream Curtain-Milan continues, ufficializzeremo in a few hours the details of the application.

We will do it before January 11, “he continued Malagò. And returning to the theme of the national Olympic Committee by the government reform:” I have many doubts that this does not is certainly a reform, we are talking about, the game gives way to implementation aspects. on the Olympic preparation will not change anything, this is no problem, but the issue is not easy to determine what is and what is not Olympic preparation it is not. the plants are part of the heritage and the issue of who owns them. “the sport in school?” on this we are in complete accord with the government.

When I said that I reapplied the mother of all battles was the sport in the school, the word school in the CONI statute does not exist and this wonderful country does not have the word sport in the Constitution. ” Micicchè Gaetano and Giovanni Malago (right) bearer – “Gregory Paltrinieri would be a great name as a standard-bearer because he won the gold medal in Rio.” He said the number 1 CONI about the idea of ​​entrusting the flag of all’olimpionico Italian delegation during the opening ceremony of Tokyo. “SCHOOL Olympics -” When I re-nominated for president of CONI I put at the center of sports program in the school, although the word does not appear in the `scuola’ although very broad statute of the Italian national Olympic Committee as well as the word sport does not appear in the Constitution. If the government wants to do this we are very happy.

And if they want to, we will be fellow travelers, but there is a problem: you can not take all the resources of the summit to resolve the issue of sport in school, “he concluded tornado on Italian sports reform inserted by the government in the law of balance.” there is an issue related to teaching, there is a discourse on the education of the people, there is an issue related to educational non-certified facilities, a problem in gyms, plant. And we do all this with 400 million destined for top sport? It is clear that something needs to be fixed, provided that we are in total harmony with the will of the government: the problem is not only the tool, but the resources. ” Gasport

March 23, 2019 – The Milan players exultation of Spain. Getty It completes the picture of this third day dedicated to games of the first round of the European Championship 2020 qualifiers Spain hard but it beats Norway in Valencia, no surprise in Italy round with wins of Bosnia and Greece. In the afternoon match, successes for Switzerland and Sweden, concerning Georgia and Romania bookmaker reviews. Ireland is likely the fool in Gibraltar, finding the measure success only in the second half.

In the battle between Cinderellas, Malta beat the Faroes. GROUP D Georgia-Switzerland 0-2 – Three debut points for Swiss, leading to a substantial net monologue of two dangerous raids of Georgians from the parts of Sommer. Unlock Zuber result, with a right plate 56 ‘which puts the match on the inclined plane for the Petkovic team.

Doubling as 80 ‘, after a series of missed opportunities: Zakaria thinks to close accounts, reiterating home after the rebound desperate goal. The Milan player Rodriguez played the whole match, substitute in the final for the atalantino Freuler. Gibraltar-Ireland 0-1 – The Iberians opposed a strenuous resistance, touching the firm to snatch a positive result against the much quoted Irish.

Gibraltar even came close in the opening edge of the second half with a header by Chipolina head which is the largest of Randolph goalkeeper answer. At 49 ‘, escaped the danger, Ireland is the goal-victory signed by Hendrick, who fish the bottom corner from the edge of the left tip of McGoldrick. THE JOURNAL VIDEO TV GROUP F Sweden-Romania 2-1 – The Scandinavians are awarded three precious points in the first round of the qualification path, beating measurement Romania.

The team builds Andersson success in the final for the first time after 33 ‘opens the former Palermo Quaison, beating Tatarusanu from close range; 40 ‘doubles Claesson, with a nice diagonal from the edge. Romania reduced the deficit to 59 ‘, with Kingbitter solving action initiated by vertical touch Palermo Puscas, but in the end the hosts run and they take all mail.

Malta-Faroe 2-1- In the battle between the Cinderella of the group is Malta to take all three points, despite over half an hour played outnumbered. The hosts went ahead on 17 ‘with Nwoko goals, but after the break the Nordic have the chance of an equalizer with a penalty awarded for a foul by ejecting Agius. Since, however, the disk can fail Olsen 1-1, and then at 77 ‘is to hit Malta, Borg with being cool from the penalty spot.

Needless goal, came in eighth minute of added time, marked by Thomsen. Spain-Norway 2-1- complicated debut for the roja, which more than expected effort to get on top of a Norway that never stands still. The team of Luis Enrique seems to direct the match already in the boot after 16 ‘Jordi Alba scoured the left and puts in the center, where Rodrigo finds winning shot with lefty.

Halfway through the second half, however, guests find the equalizer: Martinez retained in the area, the referee awards the penalty that was converted by Joshua King, with a strong and accurate right-footed shot that De Gea understands but can not even deviate. The draw lasts a few minutes, because Spain is reported back to the 71 ‘, again from the spot: Sergio Ramos made no mistake, with a half spoon prank Jarstein and decides the outcome of the match.

Sergio Ramos and becomes the decisive penalty. AFP GROUP J Italy-Finland 2-0 Bosnia-Armenia 2-1 – A goal in each half and the Balkan take the first three points of the qualification path, while respecting the prediction against un’Armenia combative. The advantage is all “Italian” of Pjanic from the left corner at the near post breaks Krunic whose header found the winning shot directing on the opposite pole.

The second goal came in the final and brings the signature of Milosevic, who only has to support the network the beautiful cross by Visca. Guests close with the honors of war, thanks to a penalty scored in the recovery from Mkhitaryan. Lichtenstein-Greece 0-2 – Greece also goes, in the first day with no surprises in the group of the blue.

The home side resisted for a time, before falling in the recovery of the first half, when Fortounis carries guests with a shot into the bottom corner. A close accounts there thinks the former Juventus Donis, which doubles to 80 ‘by putting Anastasiadis protected from unpleasant surprises in the final. Filippo Ferraioli

March 1, 2019 – SALZBURG starts today the first stage of the Circuit Series A karate in Salzburg, Austria. Up to Sunday, March 3 the leading exponents of the discipline will compete to challenge for wins and win important points for the ranking. The competition, which has no limits ranking for entry, see in the race well in 2057 athletes from around the world, including 215 Italians all subscribers with their home club: present the senior team to complete, but also of young blues internationally prominent.


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