Wednesday, March 4, 2009 “” created a buzz …

Wednesday, March 4, 2009 "" created a buzz … There are plenty of other topics concerning education do my homework
that could be treated by the press today, but one that is treated by almost all newspapers is creating a site that is named "faismes". It is first an article in Le Parisien that triggers the buzz. The information will then be picked up by other newspapers, radios and televisions. What is it about ? This is a website that offers, as the name suggests doing the homework instead of students. Rates vary depending on time spent on copies. Solving a simple exercise is charged 5 euros. A complex set comprises ten pages and enough to hold thirty minutes to the oral will cost 80 euros. They are students of the best schools that are going to make this work. This is not new, other sites already exist, but it offers, says its creator, the "tailored". If there is a request that is that there is a market. Le Monde, which devotes its editorial "" rightly points out that this kind of site feeds parental anxiety for the future of their children and the fear of academic failure. A "business" increasingly flourishing for this "market anxiety." It is estimated that a high school student or college student following six private lessons at home or, increasingly, in tutoring companies whose sales exploded for ten years. a total of 40 million hours of tutoring would then be spared, an annual market estimated between 1 and 2 billion euros reminds the newspaper. Xavier Darcos was questioned at the exit of the Cabinet on this subject. He said "the best place to be educated and to have corrected copies, it is the school of the Republic" "I no incentive pay systems that can make those services. I encourage him so little that much of the policy that is conducted at the Department of education aims to provide free, at all, that private pharmacies often offer by pay, "he has jousted. The president of the CIPF going in the same direction. "The important duty, that’s not the note is to confront students with the difficulty, it is trying to solve." Some comments, in turn, on the bottom and on the media coverage of this case. Why the media they seized all of this? One could say that it is the illustration of an unfortunately common practice where the media are copied all. Just a log so a subject and that communication is a little provocative and highly touted (remember to Note2be) for other journals repeat it. But if this is true, it is not enough. He must question why such information is fertile ground to develop. In other words, the media do not shape public opinion, they also reflect. If this case made headlines and creates the "scandal" is because it is symptomatic and expresses a trend of the evolution of the school confusedly feel the media talk about it. On the merits, indeed, we may say that it is a symptom of three related phenomena. First, as we have said before, if this site is because there exists a "market anxiety" which is the product of the pressure exerted on families. Academic success and the need for graduation and good records (to include selective courses) lead to this type of drift. The note becomes a goal in itself. Then it is a symptom of the commodification of the school. This one is at work for several years. One such site, as private companies tutoring lead to significant inequalities between families. Equality of opportunity, which is already more myth than reality statistic is even attacked by this type of "product" at very high cost. Finally, we can see this as a sign of the limits and contradictions of the School. If this site is it is also because the notes took a disproportionate importance and assessment practices have not evolved enough. If the assessment was a "formative" assessment, if given homework to students not to write but to enable them to progress, if one considered that the error is part of learning, this site would have no reason to ‘be. Each teacher also well known that when evaluating a homework is evaluated as the socio-economic environment of the student’s ability to access resources such as the family library, computer and cultural capital his parents that the duty itself and the work of the student. So what? How to react to what is in large part a professional provocation knowing how to handle communication to create a buzz? If we think in true liberal supporter of the market economy and entrepreneurship there is no reason to prohibit this site. However if Nicolas Sarkozy, always put at the heart of his speech the "work value", it should ban because this device is in total contradiction with the very idea of ??effort. Similarly if it is attached to a principle of republican equality and meritocracy, it should also be banned. One can also take the opportunity to reflect on our assessment practices as teachers. Avoid homework? Review our way of designing homework (as suggested in a recent issue of Pedagogical Notebooks)? And why not finish with notes? . We can dream but it would be a paradox worthy of such media balloon allow to initiate a pedagogical reflection on the nature and modalities of the evaluation. In Liberation, a story on the theater became compulsory since September in two colleges "Ambition success" (former PTA) Corbeil (Essonne). And, like all subjects, the student work leads to appreciation, as well as a note on 20. Whether in fourth "job discovery" third insertion, or sixth uneventful, all deSedar Senghor students and Louise-Michel pass, since September, the theater box workshop, called "the heads of art." Eighteen hours in all, spread over three weeks. But for SAS classes – where one welcomes teenagers with challenging behaviors – theater workshops are held throughout the year. And students who wish to go further can incorporate the permanent troupe Curtain up and go on stage. To change the subject and conclude this too long press review, note an article by Veronique Soule in Liberation: "Reforms and Darcos Pecresse: the verbatim decline" journalist returns on departmental linguistic convolutions. How not to lose face while retreating with a vocabulary constantly changing. The xylolalie has beautiful days before it … Good Read … ———————————— 04/03/09 ———- of Valerie Pecresse is not the end of his troubles (blog V.Soule) Valerie Pecresse would she went a little fast? This morning AutonomeSup, one of the four unions that participated in last night’s negotiations, at least dampened official optimism. The discussions have not been as successful as the Ministry has suggested, he asserts. Participants even left over a disagreement on a key point, promotion of faculty. Read more of the article reforms and Darcos Pecresse: the verbatim decline Back on departmental linguistic convolutions. Read more of the article Faculty Members: Pecresse and unions to an agreement? After a meeting in the night, common ground was found on the issues of organization of the timetable and evaluation. It remains to reach a consensus on promotions. Read more article: collegians heads of art institutions try Two priority Obligatory theater. Read more of the article stimulation Colleges Ambition "Ambition success" (former PTA) receive a schoolboy in twenty (against one in five there four years). In these schools, teachers teams multiply the opportunities to stimulate their students by creating different ways to teach math, science and French, in addition to the classroom. Read the rest of the article ——————————————- – Le Figaro 04/03/09 Faculty Members: a new text satisfies the unions one point, that of promotion of teachers, yet to be negotiated. A new meeting is scheduled for Friday. Read more of the article Launch of students Happiness, unhappiness of teachers! Created by a former ESSEC and a former HEC, the site aims to quickly provide the solution to all the exercises in the 6th to the terminal. Read the rest of the article ——————————————- —— the of 04/03/09 World Editorial anxiety of parents for their children’s future and fear of school failure have favored the development of a real market support students – from school to bachelor – to help them with their homework. This "business" is increasingly flourishing. It is estimated that a high school student or college student following six private lessons at home or, increasingly, in tutoring companies, the turnover explodes past ten years. A total of 40 million hours of tutoring would then be spared, an annual market estimated between 1 and 2 billion euros. Read more of the article Tired of homework? Buy Internet solutions! A problem insoluble trigonometry, a presentation of ancient history extending, or an obscure philosophical dissertation …, which should officially open Thursday, March 5, promises: "If you do not succeed … We are here ‘ . Read more of the article Darcos criticizes a new website to help school "The best place to be educated and to have corrected copies, it is the school of the Republic", said Minister of Education national, Xavier Darcos, outside cabinet, referring to the launch of a new website,, which offers students to buy copies of corrections. "I do not pay encourages devices help make those services. I encourage him so little that much of the policy that is conducted at the Department of Education aims to provide free, at all, that private pharmacies often offer by pay, "he added . Read the rest of the article —————————————— -. the Humanity of 04/03/09 (delay of one day) Prisons a teacher seeking escape Leterrier Patrick tells us his experience in jail teacher Testimony Read more of the article.. – ————————————————– Le Parisien (some paid items) of 04/03/09 the site makes homework for 5 € A website, paying offers tomorrow to student assignments. Although it is not yet available, it triggers already lightning teachers Read more of the article paid site for homework. Darcos dislikes Minister of Education, Xavier Darcos, criticized Wednesday without naming him, the website that will offer through 5 to 30 euros to the school exercises instead of students of secondary schools. Read the rest of the article ——————————————- —– La Croix 04/03/09, site help with school homework, stirs controversy the Minister of education, Xavier Darcos, criticized Wednesday, March 4, without naming the website that will propose remuneration to the school exercises instead of students of secondary schools Read more of the article What support offer tutoring sites on the Internet? With the school year, parents and students are very interested in tutoring. The Web offers many schoolchildren to help sites, high school students, free as pay. But what support do they offer? Read more of the article "Parents bis" that help grow Historically, children love to find in adults other than their parents and affection help. Without taking anything away from the established relationship, this relationship has always chosen a "more" Read more of the article ————————– ———————- echoes of 04/03/09 MPs want to ban the sale of cigarettes to minors, the national Assembly must examine this weekend a parliamentary amendment to the tobacco sales ban of 16 to 18 years. Some manufacturers are in favor. The government is still reluctant to support the measure. Read More Article Colleges: more scholarship candidates this year The countdown has already started in the preparatory classes for schools. There are only two – small – month students before the competition of management schools. At this stage of revisions, the nature of the tests theoretically has no secrets for them since February, all students are registered with their chosen schools. They are this many more years to try their luck: the common trials Bank (ECB), which lists 25 schools registrations (HEC, ESSEC, fifteen … ESC) points up 6 3% of candidates (9,280). Ecricome, which includes six other schools (Bordeaux, Tours-Poitiers …), is, with 7,486 candidates, up 10.3% Read More Article ———— ————————————- 20 minutes from 04/03/09 Professor in Mantes-la -Jolie and four months pregnant, she was assaulted mid-February, she tells her colleagues vocational school Jean Rostand exercise since Monday their withdrawal right for more security … Read more Article by Cheating 2.0 mode, it is now possible proposes to school exercises instead of students of secondary schools, a fee … Read more of the article "a child needs a father and a mother still "text to grant gays or lesbians third parent status stirs controversy. Beatrice Bourges is the author of "The gay parenting in question and the child in all this?". It is also spokesman for the Collective for the child. Read more of the article Faculty Members: "progress" between unions and Valerie Pecresse Both sides advanced we salute. It remains to resolve the issue of promotions Friday … Read More Article ——————————– —————- Rue89 of 04/03/09 is not transmitted as genes to his children Intelligence, obesity or delinquency: media swear by the power of genes. Rue89 shows you otherwise. Read more of the article what is the price of a year of math? Scandal among teachers. The site sells Faismesdevoirs students with math exercises without any errors or presentations to key story in hand. But how he fixed site its prices? Its creator says. Read the rest of the article ——————————————- —– West of France 04/03/09 on the internet site that student assignments against money a new website, aimed at students from sixth to the terminal, will be launched tomorrow . Presented by founder Stephane Boukris as an "educational tool", it actually allows some students to do their homework by others, a certain sum of money. Read more of the article The young abandon FM on the radio, "all music" suffering because MP3 players and other Internet.NRJ and looking for solutions. Read the rest of the article ——————————————- —– Le Journal du Dimanche 04/03/09 Universities: discontent continues the partial success of unions in negotiations that took place in the night of Tuesday to Wednesday with Minister of higher Education Valerie Pecresse does not alter the case. Representatives of faculty members renewed their call for a new national mobilization on Thursday. A day that will be a test, before further discussions on Friday. Read more of the article —————————————- Le Nouvel Observateur permanent 04/03/09 Universities: the decree is being rewritten Among the common ground found, the Minister of higher Education cited the issue of modulation of faculty service and that of their evaluation. It remains to reach an agreement on the issue of promotions. Read more of the article —————————————- Express 04/03/09 .fr These duties that create polemics A website will provide homework turnkey. Good news for non conscientious student, a scandal to the parents and the Ministry of Education. Read the rest of the article ——————————————- — the Pedagogical Cafe 04/03/09 school dropout: a hasty policy taste of "deja vu"? A recent circular from the Minister of Education, co-signed by Fadela Amara, is trying to revive in the Plan "Hope suburbs" a policy against early school leaving. Read more of the article Mutations:. Unions launch petition "Unanimous unions call all personnel not to leave telling Under the guise of information, the Ministry is conducting a major offensive against the rights of personal and joint system that guarantees ". We announced on 2 March. The union federations (CGT Educ’action, NMS-CFDT, SE-UNSA-SNALC CSEN, SNCL-FAEN, SNETAA-EIL, SN LC FO, SUD Education, SNEP-FSU, SNES-FSU, SNUEP-FSU) responded March 3 in direct broadcasting by the transfer decisions Ministry before the meeting of the joint committees. Read the rest of the article ——————————————- — Mediapart (fee) of 04/03/09 Nothing seen … ——————————- —————————- A selection in dispatches from 04/03/09 A delegation from Snesup-FSU received Wednesday by Valerie Pecresse a delegation of Snesup-FSU, the main union of higher education, was received Wednesday afternoon by Minister Valerie Pecresse, do we learned from both parties. Read more of the article Controversy around a free site offering to student assignments even before its launch Thursday, the website, which proposes to school exercises instead of high school and college students through 5 30 euros, drew criticism from the Minister of Education, teachers and parents unions. Read more of the article FSU: the kindergarten to university staff called to manifest March 11 FSU, first federation of Education, called on all employees of the education (primary, secondary schools) and research "to the Wednesday, March 11 a day of demonstrations around France to impose another educational policy." Read more of the article Faculty Members: AutonomeSup raises the possibility of a "disagreement" AutonomeSup The union said "possible" the talks Friday at the Ministry of Higher Education on the status of lecturers ‘n’ lead to an agreement to disagree "in a statement Wednesday. 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